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We accept the love we think we deserve.
Paul Rudd - Perks of a Wallflower
Seeing someone from across the room and instantly feeling like everything is going to be okay.

Going to be starting my juice fasting on thursday, can’t wait! I managed to drop down to 77.2kg which is 170lbs/12.1 Stone (for those who use different metric systems to me :P) And i’ve hopped back up to 80.5kg/177lbs/12.6 stone. SO. My plan is to be 10 stone before university in september, but seeing as that might be a little bit too ambitious, im hoping for 11 stone :)

I’ll be posting pictures of my progress :D

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John clarke
You’re just like an itch that I’d love to scratch… with a fucking chainsaw.
Sleep Talkin’ Man
The more open you are, the easier it’ll be for me to find your heart… and fuck the living shit out of it with a spiked baseball bat. Kisses!
Sleep Talkin’ Man
Just be quiet. If I have to listen to your whingey fucking voice for one more second, I think I’m gonna have to start killing puppies and throwing babies.
Sleep Talkin’ Man
If you’re looking sympathy… go get a fucking dictionary, you’ll find it between ‘shithead’ and ‘syphilis’. Fuck off.
Sleep Talkin’ Man


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mila, get in my pants.

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